Friday, July 08, 2005

Radio Silence for a while

Hello all,

Going to Port Alberni for the weekend and won't be back til Sunday. Chances are I'll be prepping for Monday's classes and won't be back until Tuesday after Monday's mad dash to finish report cards.

New comics day was a alright...

I bought an arc of Y the Last Man (one of the best books being made right now although I haven't read it since Christmas) and issues 4,5 and 6 of the Ultimates.

Got the new JSA which concludes the tie-in storyline to Day of Vengeance. Something happened to Atom-Smasher (who happens to be my favourite JSAer) and I'm not sure if he's dead or alive. Perhaps I should read it again. It seems like he's dead though. I got the Black Vengeance trade a couple of weeks ago and love Black Adam and his Kahndaqi exploits!

The new House of M confirmed my suspicions/predictions. Somehting is wrong with the world and only Wolverine knows it. Sigh...can't they have someone else like Moon Knight or Stingray be the hero for once?

The latest issue of the Return of Donna Troy makes little sense but still is better than the first.

I'll try and post the image above for getting your own cyborg name...otherwise go to the link and try it out for yourselves...

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