Friday, July 08, 2005

Every Little Thing, is Gonna Be All Right

Today London exploded. I can't get that Bob Marley song out of my head.

Today we took the group of ESL students downtown for a tour (none of us teachers have any idea about the history of Vancouver) and convinced them that Gassy Jack (of Gastown fame) was my grandfather.

On the bus home a Mexican girl told me that she liked my earrings and when I offered to switch for her extremely large hoops she told me that "Could be gay."

Had conversations with another teacher wondering (since I'm the comic guy) how much his large collection of Death of Superman comics are worth. He was distressed when I told him that they were worth less than what he paid for them.

A shirtless, black rasta guy on roller blades with a guitar followed us around Gastown and sung Bob Marley to the odd shock of 50-odd Taiwanese kids.

Dave, another teacher, taught me a few phrases to use on my students when caught speaking Chinese. They now think I speak Chinese and walk on eggshells around me.

A very odd day.

Shout Outs (very few, as I have fewer friends than Kiki)
Portia-Yes, you, Meg and I should hook up for coffee or something
Dav-Get that computer fixed you lazy mug! Hehe...
David Hasselhoff-I love you. Why won't you return my calls.
Meg-We live together but didn't want you to feel left out. Love ya. Hehe

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