Saturday, July 09, 2005

Homeless it's not as dire as I've made it seem with the post title but Meg and I are in Port Alberni - our future hometown - and looked for rental property today to no avail. We found one place but due to its ideal location just up from the bottle depot and the bowling alley we decided it may have been too metropolitan for us.

The iPod was a lifesaver on the trip over as I finally got to hear the whole album "City of Evil" by Avenged Sevenfold thanks to brother-in-law Ian for putting it on there for me. My comp, and thus my iTunes, is still in storage.

Reading "Quicker than the Eye" by Ray Bradbury. I'm only one story into it but it promises to be pretty sweet.

Go check out the Write-off 20 entries at Millarworld by clicking the title of this post(sorry, can't hyperlink on this unruly Mac) and guess which one is mine (hint: it's got Batman in it). I'll post the script here when the voting is done. If you email me and ask I'll tell ya which one to vote for ;)

I'm out!

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