Thursday, July 14, 2005

Psychic Powers, Land of the Dead and New Comics

I have psychic powers!

Either that or a mind-controlled iPod...

I was sitting here with all of the songs on my iPod on shuffle and thought: "I want to hear some more Ween."

Eerily enough the next song was "Dancing in the Show." Testing the theory I said to myself, "Pink Floyd would be nice" and "Marooned" is the next song.

I am hoping for Turbonegro next...only 2 songs out of 2821 on the iPod belong to the Oddly homo/heterosexual Finnish Glam-punkers ("I Fucked Bette Page" being the better of the 2) and that is really stretching the boundaries of psychic powers...a minute and a half until I find out.

Whoa...Slayer. It could have been worse.

George A. Romero's Land of the Dead was pretty damn good. Nothing compared to any of his previous zombie films but a good effort anyway.

John Leguizombie was tolerable when I generally find him revolting so that was kind of nice.

Dennis Hopper made this movie quite enjoyable. Stupid dialogue that I could have written better in grade three seems to sound so damn natural from that nutcase's mouth...I love it!

This film did, however, have my favourite zombie ever. A headless priest zombie SPOILERS who swings his shoulders to have the head fly up over his shoulders and bite an unsuspecting soldier only to be killed by being shot through the chest and thus being shot through the brain END SPOILERS.

New comics were alright but I thought I'd mention All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (Eisner award winner for longest title).

Frank Miller really has a lot of ground to make up for this shitty showing. Ugh. Vicki Vale spouts totally unbelievable dialogue while walking through her apartment in lingerie? I'm beginning to think Miller is misogynistic. Oh, but wait, Batman stalks little boys and waits for their parents to be assassinated. Weak.

I'll still buy the second issue though.

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