Sunday, April 30, 2006

Month of Mini Holidays: Day 30 (phew!!)

Today is both Beltane (Celtic) and Walpurgisnacht (Germany). They both mark the traditional first day of summer.

So...yay!!! Summer!!!

It also happens to be National Honesty Day! (USA) And, if I'm being honest, this month has been exhausting. Next time I do this themed daily blogging thing (October) I'll be more prepared, more interested and more dedicated.

Lots of stuff going on right now but nothing to say for sure so I'll keep my mouth shut for the moment.

For the time being, just go here and look at the teaser for this year's most anticipated movie.

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Blogger Megan said...

Anything exciting happening for May, Mr. Des?

3:13 pm  
Blogger Des said...

In the way of themed daily blogging? I learned my lesson in April thank you very much!

3:32 pm  

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