Friday, January 20, 2006

The one where Des proposes the coolest TV show ever...

Alright...I was reading Dav's blog about how he just picked up the 24 season one DVD and was awed at how each episode ends in an undie-staining cliffhanger. He likened it to Y the Last Man (the comic book) and its tendency to leave readers hanging for a month to find out what happened.

I was halfway through berating him in a comment when it dawned on me. Something Robert Kirkman says in the introduction to the first volume of his Walking Dead series: "the zombie movie that never ends."

Think about that.

We start with a man, alone, in a room crying. The room is disheveled. He sits on the bed holding a picture of himself and his wife in happy times: on a beach somewhere. The camera pulls out of the room through the skylight and pulls way up into the sky. All we can see is a suburban area completely devoid of people. Cars sit in intersections, garbage blows through the streets and everybody's lawn is yellow and dead.

We flash back to simpler times when he wakes late to see his wife off to work when he turns on the television. There is a warning on the news of strange riots on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The Coast Guard has been called in to deal with the malcontent.

We follow the man through the day when news keeps cropping up about the riots spreading West. A man from the Center for Disease Control comes on the TV and tells everyone to stay away from everybody else. There is a disease spreading throughout North America and the bst thing to do is to stay home.

This continues for days as he ventures into the city to catch up ith his wife who he can't seem to contact on the phone. In a very short time the entire United States has been crippled as far as economics, communication and civility.

Men and women stand on rooftops firing upon anyone who comes near their homes. Children sit in rooms crying. The less militant board up their homes.

There is no disease. The recently deceased have returned from their graves to devour the flesh of the living.

Our main character has to travel into the city to find his wife. When he does and it is not the way he pictured it (psst! she's a zombie) he flees to a seemingly abandoned home to take refuge as night is coming soon and noone should be out at night.

The house is inhabited by a family and a priest. They are shut in but are good Christians and let the man into their home. They hole up in the house for a few days and fight off the hordes of zombies at their doorstep until they get the idea: overseas. Other countries must be fine. We have to find a way to cross the ocean. Let's say season one ends with them on a boat.

As the camera pulls away to show them out at sea we can barely see a strange figure walking out of the hul of the ship toward the hopefuls on the deck.

Get George Romero as Executive Producer (he wouldn't direct TV), Ennio Morricone on the theme music and some fresh new actors. A contract with Showtime or HBO (you can't have flesh-eating on basic cable) and you're all set.

Follow the revolving cast as they explore the zombie-infested world for a cure for seasons to come.

The idea is not new. It doesn't have to be. There haven't been zombies on TV before. Romero's name attached and maybe get Martin Sheen to play the priest of the father in the family to add some renown and you've got yourself a hit!*

*steal this idea and I will cut you.

Weigh in folks. Would you watch?

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Blogger Admin said...

That's insanity! I was with you until the Zombie part. Haha! I think I've seen about one horror flic in my life. Perhaps I will have to rent some, after all the writing you do about horror films...

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