Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Comics Day at Last!!!


It's been a long time since I've done one of these. I bought last week but never got around to sharing. I'll let you know what my purchasing will be like: I have stacks and stacks of books at my LCS waiting to be devoured. They have been accumulating over the past 10 months and I'll be able to enjoy many of them as arcs as opposed to single issues (2 arcs of Daredevil and Punisher await as well as several of Fables and Y the Last Man). So I buy a couple of new books and a little chunk of those sitting there.

Without further ado...

Planetary #23-Currently one of the best comic books being published hands down no doubt about it. If it came out more than twice a year it would be amazing...alas it doesn't. Each issue reveals a little chunk about the world of Planetary and pushes the story towards its inevitable end.

Whenever the last issue comes out I'm going to have a little goodbye Planetary party (for one, you can't come). I'm going to open a sixer of Okanagan Springs 1516 Lager, a bag or two of Cheerios Snack Mix (Nacho Fiesta flavour, Arriba!) and read the entire run from beginning to the very end. This is how it should be enjoyed.

The Drummer is my favourite part of the series and we finally discover his "origin" story. Not that special really but it was quite cool to see him utter the words: "Worst. Rescue. Ever."

Next issue promises some Ambrose Chase. If only I can wait that long...

Outsiders #25-Good. Not as good as I've been expecting it to be lately but good enough. A little sappy with the whole Shift/Indigo thing but it had a good ending and promises Arsenal (the best member) to meet up with the original Outsiders (and Batman) for a little adventure.

Why does Nightwing have to be such a whiny little bitch?

Flash #223-A good day for comics it seems...Flash has been running sour for me a the last few months and I enjoy a good gang war.

This issue has what I love most about Flash: Zoom and Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)! Me likey.

Young Avengers #5-Aughhhh!!! Too much teenage romance! Jesus! I watch The OC...isn't that enough? Kang is attacking for Christ's sake! Can't you stop flirting for 5 seconds and kick a little ass please?! Ok...they did. Never mind.

OMAC Project #3-Just when this mini started to bore me (it should only be 4 issues not 6) Guy Gardner shows up and convinces Booster Gold to ditch Wonder Woman and round up the old gang and kick whoever killed Blue Beetle's' ass! I love it. Batman is secretive as always but actually showed a little compassion (towards an enemy!) for once.

I like Saiz's art a lot. Rucka has always been a little so-so for me but continues to pull me in.

I bought New Avengers #s 4-6 and expect a good little romp as well as Astonishing X-Men #6 and Green Lantern Secret Origins and Files and Documents and Spreadsheets(or whatever). But those are old and I'm not going to talk about them. So there!

Went to see Batman Begins for round two last night and I think I enjoyed it even more than the first time. I spent too much time at the first showing with my mouth agape to full enjoy it. The interrogation of Flass is incredible; Michael Caine as Alfred continues to blow my mind; Cillian Murphy is perfect as the Scarecrow but may have made a better Joker; Liam Neeson's dialogue during the icy sword fight with Bale was superb!

But, I did notice this time that Bale looked quite a bit pudgy with the mask on.

Got the new Clutch album Robot Hive/Exodus and the new System of a Down album Mezmerize (both of which I was going to link to but the virtues of sharing a computer with others states I should let you search those out yourselves). They're fantastic.

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Blogger Rick Geerling said...


How the hell did I miss a new Clutch album?!

9:45 pm  
Blogger Des said...

They put them out like every three months or something!

BlastTyrant was last year's best record (bar none) and the new one is really good but takes a little getting used to.

They are rereleasing a really old (pre-Transnational Speedway League) album in the next few months too.

12:19 am  

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