Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wifey Weekend and an update on me...

As some of you may recall my wife Megan had a column running on Wednesdays (ok...Wednesday) called "Wifey Wednesdays." But, after one post, she did not seem to have much of the bloglove. This week she has a post but since we won't be here on Wednesday (more later)...a message from Megan:

This is my favourite ad on British telly these days. I thought all you transformer geeks would also appreciate it. (Not that I put myself in that category!)
It's not a long message, nor an altogether potent one, but she was thinking of the geeks out there. And, it is a pretty damn good commercial.

Other things:
The weather today can only be expressed in three words: What the fuck?
I bundled up with 2 Tshirts, a padded denim jacket and my toque. When we leave the flat it's muggy as all get out! It was humid! Like freaking Mexico, People!
Needless to say I carried my jacket around all day...

Ok...don't mind me. I'm just testing the waters on something here...
Right on!
I can edit my pix Dav! Are you proud?

Tomorrow Meg and I are going to the Necropolis. I can't believe I've lived a 15 minute walk from a place with a name as cool as "Necropolis" since August and haven't gone yet. It is essentially a big, old graveyard. Pix tomorrow.

Went shopping today with birthday money from Nana. I bought two CDs by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ("Let Love In" and "Nocturama") and the unrated DVD of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thanks Nana!

Meg and I opened b-day presents tonight as well and was delighted to receive the entire first series of Little Britain on DVD and two excellent books. More on those after I read them...

If you couldn't guess, our birthdays are coming up. We opened presents tonight just on a whim but we are leaving for a 2 week vacation on Monday to Budapest (5 days), London (2 days) and Dublin (5 days). Can't wait. Lots of pictures will be shared but the point of this message is that I will be scarce for the next 2 weeks. Don't forget about me. Did that sound pathetic?
I'll probably post on the 8th and the 11th before returning on the 17th.
Yes. A birthday. Quarter century club here I come!

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