Thursday, March 31, 2005



What a shitty day I'm having.

This morning I got to the bus stop in time for my togo cup of coffee to cool to non-flesh searing temperature. As i am prepared to take my second sip the bus pulls up to take me to school; it's late. The bus driver tells me I am not allowed to take food or drink on the bus. I snap:

"I wouldn't want my coffee to disturb all the rubbish on the fucking floor!" I said before pouring it out on the sidewalk.

The two classes I had nearly put me in a coma.

The only remedy to a bad Thursday is new comics, right? Wrong. Thanks to Christ dying and coming back on the weekend it is postponed til tomorrow. They were just sitting in boxes on the stairs at Forbidden Planet. Arrrrgggghhhhh!

Now that I am home the only thing that was keeping me from climbing a clock tower with a rifle was a double bill of the Simpsons. Wrong. The first episode is the one about Radioactive Man #1.

Oh cruel fate! Why dost thou mock me?

I am sitting with a caffeine deficiency-induced headache listening to "Diabolus in Musica" by Slayer. If a telemarketer calls me I may pull a Hannibl Lecter and talk them into swallowing their tongue...

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Blogger Admin said...

Hey Des...hope your day gets better...although at this point, with you being way across the ocean, I hope your day GOT better. You know what the Daoists say....everything contains its if something is shitty....its actually shitty-becoming-awesome...and so the continual cycle goes. So I hope your shitty becomes awesome quickly!

7:24 pm  
Blogger Des said...

My shitty became quite nice thank you. Meg came home and we hung out together for a while as we haven't done for a few days so that was nice.

What the Daoists didn't tell us is how quickly things go from shitty to awesome.

I am now doing work on cover letters and resumes due for being sent out tomorrow but then am watching the Japanese version of Ring 2. Then, bed...

Thanks for the well-wishes, you're very kind.

9:58 pm  
Blogger Admin said...

Awesome that it became so awesome so quickly. I'm now home from school, checking blogs obsessively, and listening to Lindy. He rocks. Waiting for the babysitter, then going out for some much-needed drinks with my Daoism class.

Cheers! :)

2:01 am  

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