Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Month of Mini Holidays: Day 25

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

I'l be saying this at work all day. Today is Cuckoo Day (UK) and apparently it is the first day that Spring has sprung. Or some bullshit.

Port Alberni seems to have gone from winter to summer. It was 23 degrees Celsius yesterday! Whoa. The apartment remains cool, which is nice.

Having picked up an armload of comics I'll comment on Ennis's Punisher series. As you may or may not know, Punisher is a MAX title which means that anything goes and boy does anything go.

In the last arc a local hood called the Punisher out by digging up his family's corpses and pissing on them. In this one (The Slavers) he faces the most extreme of his opponents yet: former Slavic soldiers who would sweep through entire villages and kill the men and old women while taking the young women and little girls as currency in what eventually becomes the American slave trade. These women are forced into slavery and fall between the cracks of the system.

Fast forward to a woman who has escaped and after losing her child, in one of the most disturbing panels I've ever seen, convinces the Punisher to destroy these men and boy does he. Deaths galore ensue in this arc culminating in the live burning of the head honcho. This becomes what must be the most intimidating videotaped warning ever. Osama Bin Laden ain't nothing when Frank Castle's in town.

Somebody, Scotsman Mark Millar I think, called Garth Ennis the best writer in the world when he's in his element. Of course, the only time he's in his element is when he's writing the Punisher. Everything else he does comes across a little too comedic for me.

I loved Punisher: The Slavers but I have to wonder how far the next set of adversaries will have to got to seem evil next to the current fellas.

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