Sunday, April 23, 2006

Month of Mini Holidays: Day 23

2 relatively interesting holidays today (you can tell that I'm getting a little bored of all this by now, whose idea was this?)

-Cocuk Bayrami (Turkey)
Happy Turkish Independence Day to my Turkish friends! I've got two.

Don't forget: Istanbul was Constantinople now it's Istanbul not Constantinople!

-Festival of the Green Man (Wiccan Calendar)

Mike at Progressive Ruin should love this day. I saw the facade of the Green Man on the side of a building in Prague and couldn't help but equate the Face in the Leaves with DC's Swamp Thing.

Sore throat from yesterday has turned into a full-blown cold over night. My head feels like it's one of those trick cue-balls. You know the ones? The weight is off-centred and it's constantly wobbly?

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