Monday, March 06, 2006

That "More Comic Stuff" I promised a while ago...

but only a little bit.

Daredevil-The Murdock Papers -
Read this arc in full knowledge that it was going to be the last Daredevil comic I'd read for a while.

Wrong. Brubaker and Lark (the team I guessed would succeed Bendis and Maleev so long ago) are actually succeeding Bendis and Maleev. Only, Daredevil is fully outed to the public as Mat Murdock and in jail with all of the enemies he'd put there.

Kingpin, Hammerhead and the Owl all in prison at one time would make a comic I'd read but throw their greatest enemy into the midst and you've got yerself a funnybook! Kind of like a PG13 OZ.

Planetary #24-
People can complain all they want about books being late and whatnot but certain books that are chronically late (ie: Ultimates and Planetary) are simply a treat when you finally read them.

Planetary, possibly one of the greatest comic series of all time IMO, is on of these. Talk about late! There have been 2 years worth of monthly comic issues in 7 years!

This is Warren Ellis' swansong. His state of the industry book. He is summing up the entire form of comics into bite-size morsels of story that connect towards a greater good.

John Cassaday is one of the best artists working today. His facial expressions and talent for drawing the unimaginable is hard to beat.

There is more build-up as of late seeing that the book ends at issue 27.

I, for one, cannot wait to read the entire series in one sitting.

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