Monday, September 19, 2005

I would have broken my shins...

I'm back from civilization!

I saw System of a Down and The Mars Volta perform last night at the coliseum. The Mars Volta opened the show and those of you familiar with the blog will know I saw them a few months ago at their own show in Glasgow. They were better then. They played for 2 hours and did 5 songs. This time they played for 1 hour and did four songs. Do the math. I found it to be a little wandering and boring after already seeing them.

They still looked like they were having fun and it must be cool to play the same song night after night but never play it the same way.

SOAD came on and rocked! God did they rock? Yes, my son, they rocked!

They played every song but 2 on the new album, every song but 3 (I think) on the Toxicity album, a bunch of songs (but not enough) from their first album and my favourite song from Steal This Album (Mr. Jack, if you were wondering).

Lots of energy and some playing with the format of some songs made for an interesting show musically. Bassist Shavo Oladjian made the show interesting visually. The man's an animal. Lots of crazy dancing, black shorts with yellow leotards underneath, and shining the lights off of the reflective bass guitar into the faces of audience members was in his repertoire.

Guitarist Daron Malkian littered the breaks between songs with acoustic intros to upcoming songs as well as a short cover of Neil Young's "Hey, Hey, My, My" which certainly won my approval. His rendition, later to be joined by the rest of the band, of "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits was amazing even though they replaced "Sultans of Swing" with "System of a Down." He's a baseball fan so that makes sense.

It's good to know that Serj, despite being Armenian in descent, still manages to dance like a white guy. His voice kicked ass and anyone should be lauded for being able to sing "Chop Suey" flawlessly.

Possibly the most entertaining thing of the whole show was watching the gate-jumpers. We were in the front row of the red section (where the bleachers meet the floor) and was separated from the floor by a 3 1/2 foot wall and an equally as high steel gate eight feet away from that. Many crazy kids tried to rush the floor but the security team was not having it. They caught about 1/3 of them but the ones they caught were given no mercy. A few guys even jumped from the wall to the gate and made it! I'd have broken my shins or something even more painful.

Watched CTV's catch-up thing on last season's Lost and I feel compelled to say that this season I am Lost's bitch. That's right! You heard me. I'm going to watch Invasion as well in a bid to support the fat guy from Breaker High (Ryan Gosling shouldn't get all the kudos!) and make Megan hate Wednesday nights.

Is Ryan Gosling really going to play Che Guevara?

bought comics too...back tomorrow with my thoughts on them.

already getting started for Halloween blogging. That's right: October is Des' favourite Horror Movie month and each day is counting down my 31 favourite horror films until the Big Day!!! Halloween shenanigans and memories of childhood Halloweens past will also include some posts. I've now listed my 31 favourites, I now have to order them and write each one up in a formulaic manner. I must start immediately if I am to keep up with the daily blogging thing.

That is all.

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Do you know that I know Evangeline Lilly - the main girl on Lost? She is my friend Sarah's best friend. I've been to a wedding and a couple parties with her.

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