Thursday, August 25, 2005

Expressing my Anguish through the Majesty of Song...

Yeah yeah yeah...I know that everyone in the free world who wanted to see Anchorman already has but I saw it last night.

It was pretty sweet. Post title is by far my favourite quote and Ben Stiller's "Como esta, beetches!" comes a close second.

Watched Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning on the Scream network last night and I've got to say that opening with Corey Feldman is the entire series' most effective. It's just too bad about the rest of the movie. It was better when I was 9.

Mom and Dad gave me Brian Wilson's Smile record (thanks Mom and Dad!) because this album sounds more like Mr. Bungle's California album than it does the Beach Boys Endless Summer. Well, that's my comparison not my Mom's. Do yourself a favour and give Retrovertigo a listen on the Bungle site. If that song doesn't make your jaw fall more than three inches away from your upper lip then we can't be friends.

Going to see Four Brothers tonight. Wanted to see it for a while. Not exactly a Megan movie.

Off to Ottawa for the weekend but you'll hear from me on Sunday methinks.

Miss you, Meg!

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Blogger Megan said...

We miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!

10:24 pm  

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