Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Television...

I suppose I could be marking and stuff but instead I am left to ponder the studpidity of television evangelists.

"Lord Jesus, please help us heal our wounded brothers in London and bring the vicious Islamic predators to justice."

I couldn't tell you which show it was because I watched three of them was either "Good News," "A Call to Worship" or the other know the one with the crazy woman with the long hair who also does that show with the puppets?

Okay, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the crazy woman but she still terrifies me.

Referring to the bombers and those who planned the bombing as vicious predators is fine but the whole overt mention of the word Islamic is entirely meant to create a religious divide.

I have nothing against Christians, in fact some good friends of mine are Christians, but this intense jingoistic, cross-waving, holier-than-thou attitude has to go.

So I've decided on a prayer of my own:

"Sweet Jebus, help to wipe televangelists from the face of the earth in a painful and fiery culling. Or at least get them off of the television. And tell our wounded brothers in London to ship me a case of Carling Extra Cold Lager, Pronto! Amen and Gesundheit!"

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