Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let's Get Our Christ On!

Today Meg felt like shit (as well as yesterday). Her back is really sore as well as having a living being inside her. I rented a movie I thought we could both watch: Saved.

Awesome...subversive but only a little bit. You have to be a little cynical and sinister-minded I think to see it as an outright lampooning of the Religious Right in the States (as I am...cynical and sinister-minded that is). Having the entire thing filmed within a five minute walk from where Meg and I used to live was also a bonus.

Now, I wouldn't normally enjoy a film that is a Mandy Moore vehicle but she was just insane enough to pull it off. Maybe Macaulay gave her some drugs to chill out or something. Yes, Mr. Culkin is in the film as well, and he's so high he doesn't even stand up. Well...he does play a parapalegic.

The title of this post comes from a school assembly and is followed by other brilliant examples of cheese: "You down with G-O-D?" etc...

It ends a little too neatly and nicely for my tastes but it may be part of the whole subversion thing. Anyway, I'm too tired to debate the religious outlook of a teenage comedy...

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