Saturday, June 04, 2005

Booze, BBQs, Dead Man's Shoes, Rebbecca Loos...

Oh...and new comics too!

Had a regular piss-up with the folks from my English group as well as our tutor. I'm an official teacher of High School English. Yay!

It was a good time talking about plans and getting to know our tutor a little too well. He shelled out for a nice bottle of bubbly which went down surprisingly well with the Carling Extra Cold as a chaser.

Had a BBQ at Niels' place. He's in Meg's primary group and threw a bit of a bash tonight but we took off pretty early.

Who's Rebecca Loos you ask? rhymes with BBQs and booze and she's on a reality show called Celebrity Love Island. A bunch of celebrities on a tropical island getting shitfaced and making out with each other. It's obscene. I love it.

Although the whole idea of "celebrity" over here is odd. there are a few people who are legitimately celebrities (footballers and actors) but the majority of them are famous because of who they fucked: Fran (owns a nightclub and had a kid with one of the girls from Atomic Kitten an atrociously horrid pop group), Calum Best (the son of footballer: George Best), and of course Rebecca Loos who had a very well-documented affair with David Beckham. It's very odd.

Apparently it's not what you do but who you do that makes you famous.

New Comics Day! Thank God. These bank holidays make getting comics on Fridays an ordeal. Urgghh....

A Nightmare on Elm Street Special #1-Brian Pulido writes the second of three horror specials (Friday the 13th reviewed last week I think). It follows pretty well with the films. Although it is a little tiring. There's nothing new. It's pretty tame as far as new ideas.

Juan Jose Ryp draws a beautiful book here. Lots of grotesque detail is his forte (check out Angel Stomp Future with Warren Ellis). The colouring is amazing, especially for an Avatar book.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special #1-You see where this is going? Well...this is the best of the three. Pulido decides to depict the remake version of the family which I find very inferior to the original film but still very cool as the whole town seems to be behind Leatherface.

Jacen Burrows, probably my favourite modern comic artist, has lots of disgusting and grueling scenes to depict. Very disturbing stuff.

It seems that Pulido took the criminals from Wes Craven's Last house on the Left and planted them in Texas in 1972 to be carved into little bits and murdered in other grotesque ways. Excellent.

House of M #1-I've been wondering whether I'd pick it up or not but decided to give it a try anyway. It was worth it. A pretty damn good first issue. Coipel's art is spectacular and Bendis has five panels between Wolverine and Captain America that made me smile. I'll check out the rest.

JSA #74-Where this seems to be leading is that the JSA are planning on finding another host for Spectre so he doesn't continue his Eclipso-induced rampage against magic. However, I think it will be a little bit of a lame duck considering Day of Vengeance deals with this specifically. What the latest issues of JSA are doing is making me hungry of Black Reign to be collected in TPB. Gotta get the whole story.

Villains United #2-They seem to be pushing Catman as a cool character a little much. In this issue he has a standoff with Deadshot over breakfast and then single-handedly takes on a whole slew of villains. Not a whole lot happens in this issue but it leads well into the next.

I'm a little worried with these minis resolving nothing and leading into Infinite Crisis. Although...I'm reading IC anyway when it comes out. This is the second best of these minis besides Day of Vengeance.

Watched a great revenge drama called "Dead Man's Shoes" last night that defies description. It was made around here and some parts are almost impossible to understand but the visuals get the message across. Check it out!

Whew! I'm out in time for Celebrity Love Island

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