Saturday, May 28, 2005

Switchblade Romance

I just watched Alexandre Aja's 2003 film Switchblade Romance tonight. The original title was Haute Tension (in French) and it certainly is a film with "high tension."

Cecile De France plays a girl visiting a college friend's parent's farmhouse. They seem to be there to do some sort of work as well but not much of that is revealed before the carnage sets in. A visitor comes in the night and massacres the family, taking both girls hostage. Well, he only thinks he's taking her friend hostage but Cecile hitches a ride.

What makes this film great is that it's filled with likely situations. There aren't many stretches of logic. The maniac acts as one woul expect of a real maniac and the victims act like, well, victims. Although, Cecile's character seems very quick-witted.

This movie then takes such a turn that it feels like you've been slapped in the face. It is one of those films where you're not sure if it's over your head or just stupid. Like Donnie Darko. I still enjoyed it. I would like some opinions of those who have seen it. Please. Help me.

I also watched the documentary American Nightmare that comes as part of the extras on the Toolbox Murders DVD. Brilliant! Good stuff. The guys at Dark, But Shining should check this one out. Very in depth analysis of American social history combined with its effect on horror films. Interviews with Tobe Hooper, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Tom Savini and George Romero throughout.

It's almost one and I think I should finish up the Powerpoint slide I'm working on for school and hit the sack.

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