Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm Going to Have an Ulcer!


My pregnant wife is leaving for 5 days, I have my school portfolio to hand in in 12 hours (mostly finished) and the countdown to the Avenged Sevenfold concert hits 21 hours!

What's so bad about that last part, you ask?

Well...let me tell you: I have yet to receive my ticket!!!!!!!!

I bought it on May 2nd and it has now been more than 3 weeks. The venue tells me I have to contact the vendor (Ticketweb.co.uk, the bastards) as it is their show not the venue's. Ticketweb cannot be contacted by phone! Only a helpdesk post. Goddammit!!!!!

Who knows when they see fit to answer my message?

Hmmpphhh...back to work. You'll know how things wind up as my post tomorrow will either be a review of the concert or a spewing forth of vitriolic rage.

Stay tuned.

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