Thursday, May 26, 2005

Episode III and New Comics (Oh Glorious Day!)

Well, it was pretty damn good.

The Story: I obviously knew how it would turn out. The way it was achieved, on the other hand, was a bit of a surprise.

We get to see both Yoda and R2D2 kick some ass. Yoda was probably the best part of the film for me. Although there were bits of Yodaspeak that didn't fit with the way he usually talks. Yoda + complex sentences = confused speech.

The Effects: I believe Dav mentioned this but when General Grievous coughs: oh yeah! It was convincing in every way. Except for Christopher Plummer doing a quadruple forward spinning flip. I know he's playing a Sith Lord but the guy is like four hundred years old.

Great lightsaber stuff, great spaceship stuff and great - but limited - alien effects. The alien species weren't bashed over our heads in this one.

The Acting: In a word: crap. But Star Wars acting has never been very good. Alec Guinness was about the only one to pull it off and maybe a little bit of Harrison Ford as well.

The sheer star power in this film should have guaranteed some good performances: Natalie Portman, Christopher Plummer, Samuel Jackson, Ewan MacGregor, etc.. None of them seemed to be able to act their way out of a paper bag. A little upsetting but I think it all boils down to Lucas' shite dialogue.

Gripes: While I enjoyed it over all I still have gripes. What's that you say? A geek not being totally impressed with something they are looking forward to? It is my burden.

It ties things together well. However, unnecessary Wookie-ness marred my enjoyment.

I don't think we need Padme naming the twins as she gives birth. You mean they're Luke and Leia? If you didn't already know that then it doesn't even matter.

Obi Wan Kenobi was a bit of a whiny bitch from beginning to end. He should be valiant.

My major upset had to be the unveiling of Darth Vader...he walks off of the operating table only to moan about Padme? That's not Darth Vader to me. He seemed meaner as Anakin.

That's all I think I'm going to say on that matter as there are comics to get to...

Legion of Super-heroes #6-This is the most I've enjoyed this series since the first issue. Funny, intelligent and without mindless action. It is certainly a slow build and is probably read better as a six issue chunk. I may do this.

Captain America #6-And the Winter Soldier is....nah. I won't say. But it wasn't as much of a surprise as it was intended. Brubaker has more in store for us.

Epting's art was fantastic. Damn well should be! This is the first full issue of CA he has drawn. No Michael Lark flashback sequences. Hmm...I liked those.

Outsiders #24-Wow...second issue in two weeks with a Teen Titans fill-in in between. Excellent. This issue wasn't as good as the last, or the last TT issue for that matter, but it'll do. It is setting stuff up to be tied into...

The Return of Donna Troy #1-Not too sure about this one. Quite a lot is happening in this issue and not a lot is explained. Jimenez writes a good cosmic odyssey. I'll give him that. Garcia Lopez's art reminds me of early-Eighties DC stuff which is what I suppose they are going for with this series. It helps with Perez doing inks. Where is that Perez/Wolfman Teen Titans book? I'm back for another issue.

Day of Vengeance #2-Again I'm blown away. Easily my favourite thing to happen after Identity Crisis bar none. Blue Devil, Ragman and Detective freaking Chimp! How can you go wrong? Hopefully these characters will be given new focus during/after Infinite Crisis.


Bye bye.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah

Maybe I'm glad I'm not home for these couple days!!

The sun woke me up early (6 am) so I'm ready to rock. Yesterday it reached 33 in the Valley! (Alberni Valley) woohoo!

Am still upset over Language.. not much I can do from here though.

Talk to you later! For real this time!

1:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christopher Lee, not Plummer ;)

4:43 pm  
Blogger Des said...

Got me!

Plummer was in my mind for some reason. Must have been thinking of eighties villains as opposed to seventies villains;)

4:58 pm  

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