Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'm baa-aaack

Hello my friends. I have returned to Glasgow from Budapest and Dublin in one piece. Although my liver may have another opinion.

As promised I am going to share some pictures with you. First: Budapest. Tomorrow: Dublin.

First thing you need to know about Budapest is the staggering amount of statues...

My favourite. This guy is an Imperial Guardsman. So badass...checking the sharpness of his sword. You do not mess with a man with a moustache and sword such as this.

Meg and I found this touristy spot where they have unearthed a series of underground caverns in the form of a labyrinth dating back to the medieval times. In wandering around we discovered that they had fountains installed spewing none other than RED WINE!

In this picture I am posing as if I was taking a drink. I pose because the stench of the wine in that trough was so unbearable I wouldn't even lie about taking an actual drink of that stuff.

Ahh yes...more statues. This time we see how the new Capitalist government dealt with Soviet influences. After the fall of Hungarian Communism they rounded up all of the Soviet statues and plonked them down in the middle of nowhere...literally. There's gravel, some grass, and bronze workers memorial statues. Very surreal.

For scale purposes: I almost come up to the top of his forward boot standing straight ("No slouching: Stalin is watching!"). This guy is huge!

Yep! You guessed it. More statues...

Under the rule of the Soviets, the Hungarian Olympic Basketball team was not allowed to jump. They were afraid that breaking the backboard would look like frivolous capitalism.

Meg and I having too much fun with the camera before a boat cruise of the Danube at night...that's right. I'm romantic.

Here's a great one Meg took on the cruise of the Royal Palace and some bridge.

And finally, a parting shot before we go of the Royal Palace and the Danube from the Citadel where the Nazis holed-up and were bombed to shit by the Russians resulting in a "free" Hunagry.

This has been touched up in photoshop a little as you could hardly see the background. Too much smog. 1.7 million people in Budapest and 1 million cars!

Great! Those pics are done. I'll come back for the Dublin pictures tomorrow.

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