Monday, March 28, 2005

Aquaman won...

What? Don't get the title? Read the post below...

Well, Easter Monday. The day Jesus had to go back to work.

Some quick things tonight:

Everybody go say hello to Portia at Vesper's Escape. She has lately discussed things as varied as academic life and how masturbation kills kittens. And I know her...Portia, Dav and I are taking over. Look out.

Oh yeah...Dav, I'm not linking to your site until you post those sketches of Jesus and Aquaman!

Just got back from a viewing of Dark Water. A horror film directed by the previously mentioned (scroll down) director Hideo Nakata. He's the guy who directed the original Ring movies and the American sequel as well. I'll be even more familiar with his work at the end of this week as Ringu 2 is on tele over here on Thursday and I'll go see Ring Two on Saturday (hopefully).

First time I've been scared by a movie in ages...

Something scarier courtesy of the Smoking Gun: the boy who went on the latest high school killing spree made a flash film and put it on the internet...not for the faint of heart

and to make sure I leave on a lighter note...Neil Gaiman has posted an excerpt of his forthcoming novel Anansi Boys. From what I understand, an odd and comedic sequel to American Gods.

Bye bye

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