Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Yes, folks. It has been a year of comics, movies, music and inanity from me.

A lot has happened in this last year: moving back to Surrey from Scotland, moving to Port Alberni from Surrey, starting teaching, and...oh yeah...a little thing like having a son. I've also made some great friends over this blogyear all because of blogs. Who'da thunk it?

Speaking of that son, I've got some time to cuddle so I'll bid adieu after letting you know that I'll be back over the next few days with new comic reviews (!), court/legal news on Monday and an upcoming job!

Thanks to everybody who has read, commented and lurked on this blog over the past year.

Here's to another year!

7 Bitching, Moaning and Praise

Blogger Admin said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Mine came and went and I didn't even remember. Both my babies have their bdays in february -- son and blog. One's slightly more important than the other....


7:00 pm  
Blogger Maddy said...

Boys are the coolest little guys!
Cool looking template set-up!


2:57 am  
Blogger Rick Geerling said...

Man, we've put up with you for a year?

Heh. Happy (belated) blog-day, amigo!

10:32 pm  
Blogger Stacie Ponder said...

Way to go! This bloggin' stuff is hard work, so congrats! I'm looking forward to October already...

12:04 am  
Blogger Kim said...

Congrats on the blogiversary :-) Isn't blogging fun (and addictive)? Thanks for keeping us uptodate on your life!

2:49 am  
Blogger Des said...

Thanks all:

Vesper-I'm pretty sure I know which one is more important;) Happy Blog Day to you too!

Madelyn-Are you a lurker or is this the first time here? Whatever it is welcome and thank for the comment. He's a great little fella.

Rick-Damn skippy! And for many more to come. Get better but feel free to make "Recovery Cinema" an ongoing thing.

Stacie-Yeah...I feel as though I have to top myself from this year. With a kid I don't know how much movie watching I'll be able to do but i've got a couple of ideas up my sleeves and like 8 months to work it out. What happened to Four Color Girl?

Kim-Thanks Kim! Sorry I didn't response to that email. It took me forever to get my jaw off the floor over the China thing. Now I've got to email Dave. It appears that Reddick-Sageism is going global! "1 Billion Chinese can't be wrong"

6:28 am  
Blogger OutOnTheCoast said...

want to be published?
get you comics on the only online news site for Port, Tofino and Uckee.

4:46 pm  

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