Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Unused Band Names and miscellania!

Is "miscellania" a word? There's another one to add to the band name list!

Back from September I have a few more additions to the ever-growing list of unused band names. As always, the new additions will be in italics and all of them are up for grabs. I only require a post letting me know you're taking it and possibly an mp3 of a song. Otherwise they're all yours. I do it for the children.

1) Bastard Sockhop
2) Sack of Ferrets
3) Openly Straight
4) The Mung Beatles
5) Detritus
6) Terrible Beauty
7) Schnauzer Snake
8) Sirius
9) Orion's Belt
10) Miss Take
11) The Stephen Hawking Project
12) Thunderpope
13) Horny Cheese Grater
14) Anarchist Breakfast
15) Dirty Bastard
16) Painstake
17) The Suffering Fools
18) Superfluous Mandingo
19) Steaming
20) The Lager Tops
21) The Crackspackles
22) Thirteen Stone
23) The Ultimate Pen
24) Homolka Sunbeam
25) Technocult
26) Narcissistic Fibrosis
27) Sins Against Fashion
28) The Irish Roves
29) Gulls on Submarine
30) Between Jobs
31) Above and Bleeding
32) Movies in Arabic
33) With Cheese or Without?
34) Werewolf Balls
35) The Way R2D2 Talks
36) Electric Sheep
37) Anaesthetic Awareness
38) The BDSMs (The Botched Dental Surgery Magnates)
39) Heidi Christ
40) Jesus Fleiss
41) Miscellania

Yes, I know, I am a bad boy.

I am going to work on getting some eBay stuff together today after I eat some Kraft Dinner and Tuna. MMMM...

Went to the used book store today and used bottle return money to buy a copy of Clive Barker's "In the Flesh." Score!

Incidentally, the guy in front of me at the bottle depot returned $97.80 worth of bottles. All booze, I watched him. Mostly types of whiskey. How does one save up $97.80 worth of whiskey bottles?

2 Bitching, Moaning and Praise

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey our band needs a name and I like Terrible Beauty. So if ya don't mind, we're gonna use it. I thought i'd let ya kno so you knew to take it off the available list.

12:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im pretty sure i posted this wrong, but if it works, i was just going to let you know that my band is going to use the name Above and Bleeding. Its the perfect one. Thanks a lot.

10:24 am  

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