Thursday, November 10, 2005

Indie Movie Meme!!!!

Got this one from Tom the Dog

Empire Magazine's 50 Greatest Independent Films.

Bold the ones you've seen and liked.
Strike the ones you've seen and didn't like or which are just plain overrated.
Italicize the ones you haven't seen but want to.
Underline the ones you haven't seen and don't want to.
Don't do anything to the ones you've never heard of.

1. Reservoir Dogs-well yeah! Tim Roth and Harvey Keitel makes this a cinematic wet dream for me. Quentin Tarantino's dialogue has sadly never been better since.
2. Donnie Darko-Jake Gyllygolly is really good in this mindfuck of a movie.
3. The Terminator-Never would have considered it indie before this but, taken as a sci-fi action film, it's almost unbeatable.
4. Clerks-Like Reservoir Dogs, the director hasn't had one as good as this since. Clerks is fantastic!
5. Monty Python's Life of Brian-Definitely not my fave Monty Python film but it still kicks all kinds of ass.
6. Night of the Living Dead-Anyone reading my blog near the end of October will know how much I l9ove this film.
7. Sex, Lies, and Videotape
8. The Usual Suspects-Kevin Spacey is god. Gabriel Byrne is also one of my favourites. I walked around for a week with my jaw scraping the floor after seeing this for the first time.
9. Sideways-While Giamatta gets a little grating by the end of the film (he's supporting actor material, methinks) it is still a funny and poignant film. And! Virginia Madesen from Candyman is in this one! Woot! ;)
10. Mean Streets-Yeah yeah...I haven't seen it yet. Sue me.
11. Bad Taste- I'm the horror guy and this was tripe. Splatterfest pointless bullshit.
12. Eraserhead-Maybe Lynch's best film. Blue Velvet probably beats it out but this one is awesome!
13. Memento-Are films that are mindfucks automatically considered indie? This is an amazing piece of work. Love it.
14. Stranger Than Paradise
15. Blood Simple-I don't dislike it, I just think it's overrated. Not their best work by leaps and bounds. O Brother Where art Thou is one of my favourite movies though.
16. She's Gotta Have It
17. City of God-I've heard lots of good stuff about it.
18. Withnail and I-I have never had any desire to see this.
19. Lone Star
20. Slacker
21. Roger and Me-Moore before he gets a little too preachy and reactionary. Although I've liked his latest stuff this one is just so much more heartfelt and real.
22. Nosferatu-Okay, here's where we're bending the rules a bit isn't it? Weren't all German silent films from the 20s indie? And if so, then there should be a few others higher on this list but I love this one too.
23. The Evil Dead-Shock! Gasp! I like it, it's just totally overrated. Excuse me while i dodge the rotten fruit being thrown at me.
24. Happiness-Ugh...I still feel dirty from watching this film like 8 years ago. Great!
25. Drugstore Cowboy-A drug addict road movie? I've seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and I'll leave it at that.
26. Lost in Translation-Bill Murray is the master of quiet, pathetic humour. And I have a crush on Scarlett Johannsen.
27. Dark Star-John Carpenter's spoof of 2001? Yes thanks!
28. In the Company of Men
29. Bad Lieutenant-Harvey Keitel is sometimes so terrifying that it's really nice.
30. Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
32. Two Lane Blacktop
33. Shallow Grave
34. The Blair Witch Project-Good, but overrated.
35. THX-1138-I don't really care for George Lucas beyond the original Star Wars movies.
36. Buffalo '66-I know, I know Kiki. I'll get to it and it'll have a huge review on the blog when I do.
37. Being John Malkovich-See #13.
38. Grosse Point Blank-It was cute but doesn't really belong on this list.
39. The Passion of the Christ-I'll probably rent it someday but Meg is diametrically opposed to seeing it and Last Temptation of Christ is probably the last movie about Jesus that anyone should watch.
40. The Descent-I'm very intrigued.
41. Dead Man's Shoes-I will eventually shut up about this movie but it is currently my favourite movie ever. Love it! Kiki, go rent this one and I'll rent Buffalo '66. How about that?
42. Swingers-Bad and overrated, too bad you can't double strike.
43. Shadows
44. Amores Perros
45. Mad Max-A little indulgent but fun nonetheless.
46. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre-Well yeah!
47. Blood Feast-I probably should see this.
48. Cube-Good Canadian horror! Funnily enough, Korean students of mine turned me on to this film.
49. Run Lola Run-A cool movie.
50. El Mariachi

What? No Halloween? Pffff!

As promised I'll be back later with comic stuff. I just couldn't resist this.

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Blogger Davinder said...

I recommend watching Drugstore Cowboy, it's got a gentle charm to it that I liked quite a lot.

You're killing me with that talk about Swingers, though- "What the fuck are you carrying a gun for? What, in case somebody steps to you, Snoop Dogg?"

3:15 am  
Blogger Des said...

I don't know, it seemd to me that Swingers was trying too hard to be cool.

7:25 am  

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