Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quick thoughts on television before bedtime:

-I loooooovveee House. Dammit!

-I had a lackluster showing on today's Jeopardy. Don't laugh, it's research. I applied for an interview to be a contestant. But I did learn what an antipope is...where do I sign up?

-My Name is Earl with Jason Lee is so funny I almost had milk come out of my nose but, alas, I haven't had any milk today.

-The American version of The Office is funnier than I expected and I think Steve Carell might be better as the manager than Ricky Gervais is.

-Every time I see that commercial for Martha Stewart's apprentice when she says "You don't want to see me lose my patience" I get a flash of her tipping the table over and pulling a shiv while screaming about making them her bitches and selling them for cigarettes in that deep voice of hers. That would keep those ladies in line!

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