Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm Back, Baby!

Finally! We have a connection. After what seemed like forever in a technological void I am now connected with broadband!

Thought I'd throw some ideas for future posts out here so that I don't forget them:

-next in the series of "My life with..." posts will be the Simpsons. Then comes Mike Patton and Johnny Cash soon after that. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out the first installment on Clive Barker here.

-Stuff on old comics I'm catching up on due to Dav's request.

-Updates on the novel. That's right...I've started writing my novel. I never found the plot I was looking for but I went ahead and fleshed some characters out anyway. These scenes may find their way into the middle of the novel or they might not. Not sure. Once I'm somewhat happy with the first chapter I may post it for some critiques.

Courtesy of Tom at Superfrankenstein I got this link to a video of a guy telling Dick Cheney to "go fuck himself." Note: the rich white guys chuckling after Mr. Vice President amusingly excuses a man who has probably lost everything he owns/many people he knows.

This is as political as I get today.

Ooops...That was a lie. Went to the Fall Fair here in Port Alberni this weekend and ate lunch beside Stephen Harper (no I'm not linking to the Conservatives website). As my wife (who reminds me why I love her so) remarked: "He has food on his face."

I almost lost my appetite...but it was a bean and beef burrito. How could I resist?

I'm going away now to try and rid my computer of its multitude of Spyware. Adieu.

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