Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Currently Addicted To:

-Downloads from the last season of Justice League Unlimited
-No-Limit Texas Hold 'em at (I'm Dread412 if you come on over)
-and finally: House. I'm now sucked into it. He's such a prick. With the cane and all he's like Warren Ellis only in doctor form.

Went down to the river for a walk this evening and the salmon were literally jumping out of the water! They were huge. Tempted to take a bottle of vodka and a fishing pole down there in the cover of night but, alas, I am without a fishing pole.

Dav mentioned that he'd be interested in hearing my opinion on old comics as that's what I'm catching up on. Here goes...only in Haiku format (inspired by Absorbascon)!

"I Can't believe it's not the Justice League" from JLA Classified by Giffen, Maguire and DeMatteis...

Same old jokes again
only this time Beetle and
Sue've been dead a year.

I'm beginning to
tire of the same conversa-
-tions rehashed again.

And plot? A Hell of
their own making but they see
Etrigan down there?

And what is with the
dominatrix Marvel kids?
Totally cliched.

And, I just signed up to be on Jeopardy here
How about them apples?

PS: I don't usually grab stuff from other blogs and post them unless I can add something to them but I thought I'd give more people the chance to understand what a collossal drunken asshole John Wayne is. WARNING: It's an mp3 so it requires volume and maybe works not the best place for it.

X-Ray Spex posted it first.

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