Monday, September 19, 2005

Comics New and Old...

Ahh...the big day.

Outsiders #28-I am totally digging Daniel Acuna's covers for this series. Very Adam Hughes-ish. Story-wise it's good to see that things are winding down a bit after the crossover with Teen Titans. This book seems to be at its best when there is no major enemy attacking and things are left to characterization.

Interesting tidbit with Nightwing and Starfire pavng the way for their foretold future in the Titans of Tomorrow storyline a few months back.

Highlight of the issue was Shift and Metamorpho getting drunk together:

M: Okay...let's you and me get drunk.
S: Alcohol doesn't affect my physiology. I can't get drunk.
M: Why don't we try really hard...
Fell #1-Warren Ellis, Ben Templesmith, 16 pages, $2.40, no ads, stand alone stories every month. I'm so in. This issue was great. It tells the story of Detective Richard Fell helping out the police in Snowtown. Only, the entire city seems to have an odd, depraved cloud hanging over it. It's wicked awesome non-superhero Ellis stuff. BUY THIS BOOK. BUY THIS BOOK. BUY THIS BOOK. Why? Because if it gets cancelled I'm coming to your house and cutting you. That's why!
Extra pages at the back are left for filler material. This one has an intro by Ellis but look for character sketches and extra info in future months.
Desolation Jones #3-Remember wayyy back (2 paragraphs ago...) when I said "wicked awesome non-superhero Ellis stuff"? Yeah, well ditto this one.
Jones' quest for Hitler's homemade porno movies with Eva Braun continues in Los Angeles when he meets up with a porn star.
Do you think this is for mature audiences or what?
Rann-Thanagar War #5-This soooo could have been done in three issues. God! It's tiring me out how much Gibbons is stretching this out. I don't even like Hawkman or Adam Strange.
I like Reis and Prado but why isn't Gibbons drawing this?
All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #2-I'm not sure whether to laugh with this book or...well...laugh at it. What is Miller doing? Batman calling Robin retarded? What the fuck is that?
At least he has Jim Lee on a 16 panel grid on one page of this issue. That's something that no one's ever seen.
House of M #6-Okay...I'm beginning to like this. Coipel is the shit! I think Bendis knows what he's doing. Although in the catch-up page for this book it says that Wolverine encounters a "long dead" Hawkeye? "Long dead"? It's been like 7 months! Christ! Superman was dead longer than that!
Villains United #5-One of the best books DC is publishing right now. Great action, great characterization, Eaglesham's art is fantastic and I actually care about Catman!
The big reveal of who Mockingbird is is next month. My bet is on Lex Luthor.
JLA #118-Me likey Despero. My fave JLA issue ever is when there is that dream sequence he has where he destroys the JLA and then the earth while the JLA watch on a TV screen. That is good comics! Despero is one bad mother and all sorts of crazy shit is going down next month that I'm drooling over.
JSA #77-Man Alex Ross can paint him some superheroes! Another Day of Vengeance Tie-in but this time it's more of an Infinite Crisis prelude.
Sentinel, Hal Jordan and Airwave meet Donna Troy. There is the hint of all sorts of awful shit to come in IC. Sentinel proves how cool he is when he gives Hal Jordan fatherly advice. All the stuff you buy JSA for!
Ocean miniseries-Remember all that stuff I said about Ellis' non-superhero book? Yeah, I know it was a while ago but try and remember. Got it? doesn't apply here. What a lame direction for this mini to take. Come on Warren! What a waste of a good story idea! Millions of cryogenically frozen billion year old predecessors of humans floating around under the Ice of Jupiter and you have them wake up only they don't even get out of the coffins?

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