Monday, August 22, 2005

An Answer

Kiki asked a question the other day about meeting people online and one of them was about friends (as opposed to the romantic kind of folks you meet online)* and I thought that I'd mention her as being the first friend I ever really met online. Although I'm not sure if it counts having taken the same class and had the occasional chit-chat (first time I've ever typed "chit-chat") at university. That was probably more niceties than actual probing intellectual conversations and stuff. Therefore I won't count it.

So: yes, I have made friends with somebody online. And she's very nice in person.**

*I refuse to refer to them as "platonic." From what I understand: Plato was a bit of a dick and very awkward in mixed company. His ex-girlfriend told me.

**Unlike Davinder who is delightfully evil in person. "In what way?" you ask? should hear what he says about you behind your back...............

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Blogger Admin said...

Thanks Des. :) But I assure you that if you see me some more in person, the evil side comes out. Hahah. :) And the online friend sentiment is mutual.

9:28 pm  
Blogger Admin said...

Dav is evil. He doesn't leave comments on my blog. :(

9:28 pm  
Blogger Des said...

He is. That is not evil though...that's just being stuck up.

Hear that, Dav? That's right...

10:52 pm  
Blogger Megan said...

Hello darling, just thought I'd prove that I am reading your posts.


12:50 am  
Blogger Des said...

This after she tells me Kiki's is the only blog she reads...women lie;)

5:43 am  
Blogger Admin said...

I'm special. :)

8:18 pm  

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