Friday, July 22, 2005

More Unused Band Names (for Dave)

Compadre Dave was told today about my growing list of unused band names so I'm adding one I've had brewing forever and posting it for him to see but every one is free to comment, laugh, insult and deluge me with hatemail:

As per usual this is a growing list, the new ones will be in italics and all are free-for-the-taking as long as I'm told and possibly get an mp3:

1) Bastard Sockhop
2) Sack of Ferrets
3) Openly Straight
4) The Mung Beatles
5) Detritus
6) Terrible Beauty
7) Schnauzer Snake
8) Sirius
9) Orion's Belt
10) Miss Take
11) The Stephen Hawking Project
12) Thunderpope
13) Horny Cheese Grater
14) Anarchist Breakfast
15) Dirty Bastard
16) Painstake
17) The Suffering Fools
18) Superfluous Mandingo
19) Steaming
20) The Lager Tops
21) The Crackspackles
22) Thirteen Stone
23) The Ultimate Pen
24) Homolka Sunbeam
25) Technocult
26) Narcissistic Fibrosis

There ya are, Dave. In all its glory. Maybe your buddy Rob would like to take one of these...

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