Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Short and bitter

Well I'm still tired but I thought the post title "Tired 2" would be a little too bitter.

Between working at the pub and teaching English I have had maybe a full night's rest over the past five days combined!

One thing that bugs me about kids in the east end of Glasgow (and there is more than one thing) is that they always say "How?" instead of "Why?"


Me- Ok guys. Put your jotters and worksheets into your folders.

Student- How?

Me- Open the folder. Put the little book in it. Put the white paper in next.


Oh well.....New Comics Day tomorrow.

That will make it two consecutive daily posts!

More on that announcement about my writing when something more materializes. Things are very exciting right now but I'm not going to say anything yet so as not to look like a twat if nothing comes to fruition.

Sorry for the language. These really offensive words are so much more common over here than they are in North America. Twat, wanker, the C word, etc.. (etcetera? there are more?)

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