Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dublin Pics today and other stuff...

Well, I promised Dublin pictures today and God damn it you'll get 'em!

First, my haunt for nearly the entire trip was this amazing bar: The Brazen Head. The bar so cool that Clutch wrote a song about it. It is also Ireland's oldest bar being established in 1198. Some say there was an even older Norman tavern on this site hundreds of years before. Being so old it is allowed 2 catchphrases: 1) of course "Ireland's oldest pub" and 2) "Dublin's Finest Pint of Guinness". And God is it a good pint.

Speaking of Guinness...


As you can probably tell by now, most of this trip involved drinking Guinness. Here is me drinking a free pint at the Gravity Bar in the Guinness Storehouse. Behind me is half of Dublin. The other half is drunk.

Note the zen-like concentration. Just kidding...actually my eyes are a little tired as I only woke up an hour before this. Mmmmm...breakfast. Dublin

Alas! The entire trip does not consist of beer-drinking. There is comic fanboyism as well. This mural is humourous and realistic and found in Captain America's Cookhouse and Bar. That's right...I went to Dublin and had lunch in a place named after a Marvel superhero.

Cap looks heroic as ever but the Nazis are portrayed in a more human light than usual.

Ooh! Here is me making a mockery of false antiquity!

I'm only posing with my arms like this because I thought I'd look stupid with them draped by my side. Thank God I don't come across looking stupid. Note the chain around my neck. Meg and I brought this mask back to the hotel if you know what I mean...

All right, all right, there was some scholarly stuff while we were there. Did you know Jonathan Swift (he of Gulliver's Travels fame) was the Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin? Well, he was. That's about as scholarly as this post gets...

I wonder if any of his contemporaries in the church read A Modest Proposal?

I often tell Megan that I am going to have a bust made of me. Not after I die but like in a couple of years. I'll put it in the living room halfway between the stereo and the TV.

Whew! Finally! The pictures I promised have been delivered.

Speaking of delivered: my long awaited comic shipment from back home reared its head after a month and a half. After I'd replaced 6 issues of a shipment I only expected to have been lost. Needless to say I will have an eBay auction pretty soon.

I read the Venomous storyline from Mark Millar's Marvel Knights "Spider-man" and found them to be pretty damn good. I really like the uncomfortable atmosphere between Peter, Mary Jane and Felicia (Black Cat). Good stuff. I have known for months who the new Venom turns out to be so I suppose that has cheapened the rest of the story for me but you can't expect much better when you are 5 months behind and on internet messageboards everyday.

New Avengers #s 2 and 3 turned out to be a beautiful surprise. Can't wait to read 4 now. Shut up! I know it's already out. This has got me excited about the future of the Avengers in a wat that Disassembled never did.

Got a couple of other things as well but I'm tired and you (if you even read comics) are up to date on what you read so you care even less than I do.

Good night.

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You two take cool pictures! Thanks for putting them up. :)

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Whoa! I just posted them. Thanks for looking so darn quick!

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