Friday, March 18, 2005

New Comics Day and other stuff...

Hello all!

No post yesterday as I am suffering from the cold that killed off both the dinosaurs and the Martians from the War of the Worlds (nothing common about it my friends). Still managed to make it out to the pub for a couple of pints of Guiness for St. Patty's Day (only the best reason for mindless drinking next to a Pogues concert). We came home as I started to fade pretty quickly and I read the day's comics in bed:

Wonder Woman #214-
Admittedly, this is the first WW comic I've ever bought. It will be the last.

Rucka's script was commendable only in pacing of scenes, Drew Johnson's art was cool and crisp and I've always loved Zoom as a villain. This issue was the second part of the crossover started in Flash #219. As I am reader of Flash I decided to follow the story and found nothing but disappointment.

These 2 issues should never have been made. Period. The entire relevance of the story could have been completed in a couple of panels of Gail Simone's soon to be released Villains United series.

Other than the issue's pointless direction, another thing bothered me: Flash gets his throat slashed no less than twice by Cheetah and not only does he heal ultrafast (something I'm willing to except) but his costume seems to heal itself and come undone over and over. I'm not a stickler for DC continuity like some other comic geeks out there ("Hey! Martian Manhunter can't be in Metropolis. He's off in another dimension battling rogue Thanagarian heroin deling pirates!") but some continuity within the issue would be nice.

Overall: Don't buy. Not even with someone else's money.

Captain America #4-
I love what Brubaker's doing with Cap. Obviously he's using the old "greatest hits" approach found in Batman: Hush and Millar's Spiderman and Wolverine but he's doing it with a character with such a rich background/supporting cast. A mixture of the new and the old. I love it!

Jumping back and forth between Epting's modern art and Lark's flashback art is not distracting at all. In fact it's rather welcoming.

Cap's emotional stoicism is captured perfectly (almost exhaustively mind you) in this issue and that is the only thing that bugs me. SPOILER-Cap, we can assume, receives information from Nick Fury that the graves of people he hardly knew (Spirit of '76 and The Patriot) have been desecrated but is never told that Nomad has been murdered. The guy was the second freaking Bucky for God's sake!-END SPOILER

Ah well. It all leads to a cool fight with Crossbones and that's all I need!

Overall: Check it out. Good art, good story and lots of cool plot intricacies.

Young Avengers #2-
I was impressed but weary after reading the first issue. Number 2 tells me I'm in for the long haul. Don't get me wrong, it's not any better than the first issue but it continues its pace. And that I'm happy with.

Cheung's art is beautiful and Heinberg manages to do the whole cliffhanger at the end of each episode thing he does with OC. The characters are intriguing.

It's also quite self-referential. After busting drug dealers they talk about the stupidity of leaving them there for the cops when Asgardian says: "That'll stand up in court." Excellent. Casting a new light on why all these villains reappear quite quickly. Hopefully the guys at Suspension of Disbelief pick up on that little nugget.

Cassie Lang is an interesting character and it will be good to see her as part of the team (which I'm sure will happen after the end of this issue). Not too sure about the Bishop girl but we'll have to see.

Overall: Definitely worth it.

Teen Titans #22-
While this is essentially a fight comic from beginning to end, it's a good one. Tons of action and well-rendered fight scenes. I'll miss Mckone when he defects to Marvel.

Here Dr. Light returns to get revenge on the JLA by killing their sidekicks. Great! Why not?

There's a nugget suggesting that Deathstroke and Rose are going to swoop in and make Dr. Light a part of the upcoming Villains United miniseries which doesn't surprise me. It's how the issue suggests it that surprises me...

Other great moments in this issue include SPOILERS-the return of Hawk & Dove and the assembly of pretty much every surviving member of the Titans with an absolutely fantastic last page-END SPOILERS.

Overall: Go for it. What are you waiting for? Maybe the best superhero comic out right now and you're not picking it up? For shame.

First time in recent memory I've picked up as many Marvel books as DC books and if I'd come to my senses and passed on WW #214 it would have tipped the scales. Although there was a week where the only thing I bought was an issue of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes but that doesn't count. Why? Because I regret buying it.

Some other quick stuff:

I felt a need to post this. Heidi at The Beat posted a few days ago something to appease the male fanboys who put up with her constant pictures of men without shirts and here it chicks in superhero costumes!

What I'm listening to: is streaming the entire new album from Queens of the Stone Age until its release on the 22nd of March. Click on the link to check it out. I quite like it. It's not as good as Songs for the Deaf but not much is.

That's all for today.

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