Saturday, March 19, 2005

Marvel's June Solicitations

My immune system is betraying me (Mutiny on the Dezzie) to the point that I was not up to going to Robots this morning with my consort and our friends kids (we feel weird sitting in the theatre for a kids show so we tend to kidnap kids of friends and relatives to validate our movie-going experience). I've spent the day watching Daily Show episodes from a DVD my brother-in-law put together for me before coming to sunny Glasgow (which, funnily enough, is actually sunny today and warmer than it was in August!). Needless to say I'm feeling excessively sardonic and cynical (sardinical?) so bear with me...

I'm not going to mention everything being released, only the things that amuse me or make me shake my head. If you want to look at the covers go to Newsarama as I have yet to uncover the intricacies of posting more than one picture in a single post...Davinder knows but won't tell me in fears that my blog may one day surpass his blog in coolness. Dirty. Bastard.

House of M #s 1 and 2-
Since I'm a sucker for a big event, I won't lie to myself about not picking this up. Preview art looks fantastic! But, it's Coipel so I'm not surprised.

From what I can gather, Scarlet Witch is recreating the world in her (or her father's) image and things go a little haywire. Okay, not the most original plotline but it promises to be at least decent with Bendis writing and Coipel's lovely art.

What I hate is this: "please note: Each issue of house of m will have a special variant cover."

Gasp! What's that you say? I'm shocked! Marvel can't keep up to DC if it keeps reverting back to eighties and nineties tactics like this. I remember buying all 5 copies of X-men #1 and regretting it...when I was 11! Christ's sake.

Spiderman: House of M #1 (of 5)-
I can guarantee that I will not be getting this. Why you ask? Pointless tie-ins are out the window. For the most part, I find Mark Waid's writing sterile and lacking in personality. And...I also care very little for Spiderman as a character (although I like Millar's treatment).

Last Hero Standing #1-5-
A weekly attempt to copy the plotline of Contest of Champions but this time adding the future kids (Spider-Girl, ANext). More pointless big event stuff written by Tom DeFalco. Snorefest.

Not even Bagley's art could save this...

New Avengers #8-
I'll be getting it but not until the end of June at the earliest. For those who don't know, I am Canadian and get periodic shipments of comics from my local store at home so I've got a big pile of stuff accumulating until I get home. This is why new comics day doesn't have me picking up stuff like YTLM, Ultimates, Ex Machina, Fables, etc.... It's sitting at home.

I read issue 1 over Christmas break and #s 2 and 3 are (hopefully) arriving soon.

New Warriors #1 (of 6)-
Because you demanded it – the return of the New Warriors! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ahem....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Sorry but whoever demanded this is shy a chromosome or two (ouch! was that too harsh?).

I'm a little bitter about this because the premise is an idea I'd been working on in my little head. It involves reality TV and superheroes. Mine was more serious than this as it seems very cartoony and light-hearted. Damn you all to Hell, Marvel!

Astonishing X-Men #12-
After this issue Cassaday and Whedon are tking a hiatus to relieve my pocketbook. I've read up to #5 I believe and love it! Again, it's in my pull box back home. I look forward to more of this. Great art and dialogue. Something not readily available in Marvel's output a lot of the time.

Well...that's it I guess. Nothing really else that catches my interest or irks me enough to write about.

Very quickly: I received my copy of Batman: The Scottish Connection in the mail today from my eBay win (the replacement one, not the original from the bastard who's giving me the runaround that I reported). I'll crack it open tonight and let you know how it is tomorrow.

Back to John Stewart....

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