Monday, March 21, 2005

DC lied to me and other pretty images...

Just went and looked at some stuff when I should have been working and decided to post some things I'm excited about....

I do feel a little lied to by DC when they said that the Ross/Lee Countdown cover wasn't the actual cover. I was under the impression the art would change not the title:

Speaking of Crisis (of the Identity persuasion). Finally someone is doing something interesting with the JLA again!

Good! Hit him Batman! He deserves it! Ya winged bastard!

I am alllllll about Alex Ross' Justice series...

I can't find anything wrong with this image. I can't wait for the series...

Fabry painting the cover to the comic book adaption of Gaiman's novel Neverwhere? Oh yeah!

The blurred faces are really awesome and the colours on the girl really stand out. Me likey.

If you aren't excited about new Jonah Hex then I don't think we can be friends...

One ugly, badass mofo!

And not to leave Marvel out. The only cool cover image I've really seen in their solicitations:


and again:

Ennis writing Ghost Rider? Automatic first issue buy. I like this Clayton Crain guy too. Is he doing interior art for this?

Here's a link to a five page preview to the Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Goodbye Blue Beetle.

I don't want to go back to work on this absolutely dreadful assessment assignment (say it ten times fast).

I'll probably come back tomorrow to review Warren Ellis' Orbiter and bitch about my iPod woes...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah wah one assessment assignment. Stupid Secondary course.

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