Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The day is nearly done...

I'm getting sick (damn, germ-infested children) and I've included an animal abusers rendition of what I want to be doing tomorrow and the next few days...

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My school placement has come to an end. Tomorrow is my last day. Had my final evaluation for this term today and did really well so I'm psyched. I bought celebratory beer on the way home as opposed to "drown my sorrows" beer.

New comics day tomorrow so I'll be getting some stuff to talk about, like Teen Titans #22! On the other hand, I've read three of the four volumes of Forge (the Crossgen anthology) and am a little impressed. A little.

Route 666, Meridian and Sojourn are books that I would have bought monthly (definitely Route 666) and The Path has Bart Sears' best work hands down. Although my distaste with most of Ron Marz's writing stops me from enjoying it.

Greg Land has been drawing beautiful women longer than I knew. It's what he does best. Should be interesting to get him on a more action/sci-fi based book like Ultimate Fantastic Four.

Ever been on an uncomfortable date or in a meeting you couldn't stomach. Want to get out of an inevitable fight with a significant other? is your ticket out. Brilliant.

The White House Gay Sex party stuff I talked about yesterday...Mark Millar provides us with an interview from a Nebraskan senator originally supposed to root out the source of the lie but ends up supporting the gay prostitutes. It's an audio clip that's two hours long. Needless to say I haven't listened to it. Got too much stuff that actually exists in the real world to deal with let alone something which is beginning to sound more and more far-fetched by the second.

Want to know what made my day?

Brian Pulido is writing three books for Avatar. Click the link to discover their titles. I will say, though, that with the amount of superhero books I buy regularly I was thinking my comics aren't as depraved as they used to be...not so anymore my friends.

Anyway, that's me today. The sinuses are telling me that bed is calling.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you got the pics up and running, they look good.

Now get Picasso off MY computer.. or can you at least stop it from popping up every bloody time I log on?!

6:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, I think you should do something on Gaelic telly.. I'm watching this crazy cartoon I think on BBC2, all I can make out is "Callum!!"

6:33 pm  
Blogger Des said...

If I understood a word of Gaelic then I may force myself to watch an hour or so of Gaelic telly but alas, I do not.

And Hello is here to stay my love.

12:44 pm  
Blogger Des said...

Sorry not Hello, not Picasso either. Picasa is here to stay. as well as Hello.

12:45 pm  

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