Friday, April 14, 2006

Month of Mini Holidays: Day 15

2 more strange dips into the abyss of holiday hell...

1. That Sucks Day (USA, like I had to say it)
A day to officially commemorate that which sucks. This day sucks. And what's worse? The North Koreans have the same day only the translation got mixed up:

2. Day of the Sun (North Korea)
It was originally called "Day of the Suck" but it got perverted by Americans who refuse to celebrate the same holiday as the nuke-proliferatin' Nor-Kors.

Did I just coin the term Nor-Kor?

On another note: where does the phrase "coin the term" come from?

Working on an idea for a zombie short story for submission to an anthology. I've got 2 ideas but only one is thought out fully.

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