Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Month of Mini Holidays: Day 12 "The Holiest of Days"

A great slew of holidays to commemorate my birthday. Yes, it's my birthday. The big 2-6. Email me for directions for Paypal donations. Gift certificates are acceptable.

1) Cosmonauts Day (Russia)-This is the perfect holiday for me. Not only have I wanted to visit Russia for ages, I've also wanted to visit space for ages. What a combo! I'd like to hang out on the Mir with that guy from Armageddon who, by the way, is totally underrated. He needs to play Rasputin in the biopic that will rock my socks off. I have a thing for Rasputin.

2) Walk on Your Wild Side Day (USA)
Sing it with me now: Do do-do do do-do do-do

3) Feast of the Blajini (Romania)
This is on my list as today but actually takes place the Monday after Easter (Easter Monday?). Boring. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.

In case you missed the opening statement. It's my birthday. Send booze!

On top of all that I'm throwing in this edit to comment about the visual change you may have noticed.

That Lovecraftian-Zombified practicioner of Desomancy you see at the top of this page is an image created by the uber-talented Triefy. Besides being a talented visual artist he makes great music as a solo project called The Epitaph. This all makes me think that he's a little too talented to be allowed to live. However, with the possibility of a future musical collaboration we should all let him live and stand in awe of this multi-faceted Missouran fella (Missouran? That must be wrong).

Go check out the links and listen to his tunes.

Thanks very much, Triefy!!!!

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Blogger Kim said...

Happy birthday Des! Miss you!

1:18 am  
Blogger Admin said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

3:02 am  
Blogger Triefy said...

Happy Birthday. I hope the Crown Royal treated you right and thanks for the mention.

I just started my blogging yesterday, so we will have to link each other.

2:55 pm  

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