Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The End.

As the year's first snowfall hits, I am gripping my cup of coffee and pondering The End.

Don't be alarmed. This is neither a cry for help nor the first line of a new Timothy Findlay book. I'm talking about endings that I write. Lately I've written the first draft of a short story that was conceived from an image of the ending. I have also plotted a large format comic book down to the ending.

Those who know me well know that I get an idea and run it through like a bayonet until the end and sometimes it works out and others it does not. I'm finding that I'm changing.

I lied to you about the short story earlier. I didn't start with the image of the ending. I started with the idea of voyeurism as I looked out my window a few weeks ago when locking the place up for the night. I thought about what would happen if I saw something horrifying in my back yard. Something a neighbour had done or was about to do.

From there I got a title and then it was in the bag.

The comic book I plotted (of which I am scripting today) has an ending that falls flat to me. I've got two ideas for endings and neither of them are very "endingy" to me. I know that the ending fell flat because I forced myself to think about it causing my brain to seek one before it was ready to.

I am now going to try and strip my brain of that ending while writing the story and see what I come up with. Of course it will probably be the same ending which I will find much more poignant by the time I have finished. Sorry for writing in circles but you didn't really expect an answer did you?

On an entirely different note: you can take this Death by Caffeine quiz to figure out how many helpings of your favourite caffeinated drink it would take to kill you. 114.28 cups of coffee for me. I'm on cup #3. Let's see how far I can go...

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Blogger Megan said...

This is a very morbid post, Desmond. Good thing the coffee pot broke!

1:00 am  
Blogger Dianne said...

The more you post... the more I want to read your stories! (And novel too someday?)

7:15 am  

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