Monday, November 21, 2005

Productive day + Steady work makes Des a happy boy.

Haven't been posting very regularly lately.

I worked today as a bit of a throwaround teacher covering all sorts of fine folks at one of the local Middle Schools and discovered to my delight that I'll be working there through Thursday! This means, I believe, that the salary I'll be making for these four days will be that of a Category 5 teacher and not the measly pittance susitute teachers regularly get in this district.

Had a compliment from a teacher for whom I subbed a couple of weeks ago (on my first 2 days, no less) about how much work got done and how organized I was.

Yay me!

Story stuff:

Got two good ideas today for short stories and some head-plotting for something top secret I'm working on. All is not wasted in the Month of the Novel. Even though I haven't done much writing.

Edit: go see Rick from Dark, But Shining at his new blog Stacks, Not Shelves. Go and see it Now, Not Later.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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