Sunday, November 27, 2005

More movies...

Neil Gaiman's A Short Film About John Bolton

This is a bit of a gem. I've been meaning to see it for a while but none of the video stores in the UK had it when I was there. Lo and behold: the local video store had it in the general interest section.

This is a mockumentary by comic writer/novelist/screenwriter/director Neil Gaiman about dark fantasy painter John Bolton. Bolton is a bit of a reclusive who draws only gorgeous vampire babes looking at the viewer with mouths dripping blood. It is a film that asks where insiration comes from and looks at Bolton's damaged imagination.

It is quite interesting. It's funny, awkward and I questioned its authenticity as an actual documentary until the end. Check it out.


May is weird. May seems to draw weird people to her. Only, May is too weird.

That is essentially the premise of this first film written and directed by Lucky McKee (the only first time director and young fella added to Showtime's Masters of Horror series, yes I know Wes Craven said no but you get the idea).

Angela Bettis is amazing as May, the socially damaged girl seemingly obsessed with perfection. Bodily perfection. A young girl obsessed with body images no big stretch but May is obsessed with other people's body images. Or at least parts of their bodies.

The love interest is played by the guy who plays Brenda's psycho brother on Six Feet Under. The other love interest is played by Anna Faris of Scary Movie fame.

I have seen no other film like it. Imagine Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein today and you might get close to what this film is like. Highly recommended.

Whew! One more film to go: Bubba Ho-Tep. That's today.

I got System of a Down's new album, Hypnotize, yesterday and it's magnificent. They should certainly win an award for the cover art: non-toxic inks on 10% hemp paper, 90% unbleached recycled paper. It is the second of a double album of sorts of which the first was released in August. They both fold together! Wow!

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