Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Filling" you in...

I hope you'll excuse the pun in the title but I had 3 fillings at the dentist today and my mouth is still numb. I don't hate/fear the dentist but no one really enjoys it. Of course, if my dentist ever asks me the question "is it safe?" I will most certainly shit myself.

If you actually find the dentist to be an enjoyable experience then you're clearly seeing the wrong doctor. On the other hand, I enjoy the numb mouth afterwards for two reasons:

1. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Mel Torme thinks Kramer (with a frozen mouth) is retarded.

2. I can do a really good Sean Connery impression with my mouth frozen. Of course I think it's good, it may sound more like Jean Chretien.

Making my title more of a double entendre than a pun I'll let you know some stuff about this month.

I am trying to write 1000 words a day towards either my novel, a short story, the conceptualization of an entirely self-sufficient prose universe or comic scripts.

November is novel writing month.

Today I'm working on a practice piece for Dav to draw. The piece we're having published was ,moody, atmospheric and monologue-laden so he deserves some superhero explodo action. Dav, I'm on page four and I think it'll be around ten pages because I wanted to set things up a little better.

On an entirely different note: Warren Ellis posted this link to the Something Awful thread that has a bunch of lame, gun-toting losers who commiserate and, disgustingly, joke about a mentally ill poster of theirs who asked where to buy buckshot for a shotgun and, after being told, killed two people and then himself this Halloween.

I hope the police come down pretty hard on them if it is even possible just for the fact that they advocate gun use.

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