Saturday, August 13, 2005


Hey folks! Thought my blog was enjoyable? Try enjoying it all ebonics-ed out at! Thanks to Dave for the link.

Speaking of people with names that start with D-A-V, hey Dav! I get to Ontario on the 23rd ( Tuesday but I'm gone from the Thursday night til the morning of the Sunday) and I'm good to meet on the Wednesday night, Sunday night or following Tuesday night for a piss-up.

You can crash at my parents place in Georgetown if you like. Since we'll be drinking I expect you to. Unless you're just going to watch me drink...could be fun for you.

How's the story going?

Currently listening to:

The Batman Begins Soundtrack by Hanz Zimmer and some guy whose name starts with JA (due to my iPod's small display screen). I'm typing faster than I ever have before with minimal mistakes. Where was this album when I was writing essays?

Thought for the day:

People in bicycle helmets with no bicycles. Why?

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Blogger Megan said...

To be honest, watching Des drunk is hysterical. Especially when he laughs so hard at his own jokes that his drink comes out his nose and he almost chokes. Not that I want him to choke, but it's so funny! Ok, maybe it's funny after a bottle of wine myself. Ahh wine.. beer.. alcohol.. the forbidden nectar for another year+?!

4:41 am  

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