Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm a teacher, I saw my baby, Sin City rocked, and my next writing venture

Hello all...that's right. Today's graduation day. I'm officially a teacher. About damn time if you ask me!

Went to see Sin City with Brian and Pat yesterday (I know, I know but it only just opened over here) and was ultimately satisfied. The violence was cartoony but realistic enough to piss off the censors and they pulled no punches with dialogue or scene-for-scene adaptation (Bruce Willis ripping off Nick Stahl's dick with his bare hands was priceless!).

Clive Owen is my new hero. He pulled off Dwight with such precision that I was awed. Rosario Dawson (who I don't usually like) played a wicked Gail. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the costume. Mickey Rourke was perfect as Marv. Elijah Wood was chilling as Kevin. Really impressive.

My one beef (and you knew I'd have one) would have to be the sequence directed by Quentin Tarantino. You'd think he'd be able to pull of something better than that scene with Dwight and Jackie. It stood out as quite awful to me. I was really looking forward to that scene but not because of QT, because it was one of my faves in the comics! Marv kicking through the windshield of the cop car made up for that though!

I can't wait for the next movie. Perhaps A Dame to Kill For, Hell and Back and a couple of shorts?

Well, Meg and I went to the ob/gyn doctor the other day and saw a scan of the baby. It's about the size of a grape and 9 or so weeks along.

Really kind of freaked me out to see the heart beating so fast but that's normal so it's cool.

We'll see another when we go to the doctor at home in a couple of weeks methinks.

Millarworld has a write-off going for a 6-12 page script killing off one of the characters Millar has worked on. I've got me some ideas brewing and I'll post the script on this blog after I've posted it there if anyone's interested.

Off to Amsterdam on Sunday for a couple of days before moving home for good a week Monday. Yay! It's been a long slog this year but it'll be good to get home. You'll hear from me before then though.


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Blogger Admin said...

Congrats! Hope to see you soon!

3:43 am  
Blogger Des said...

Thanks! I'm in Amsterdam right now and it's great but I haven't the heart to post anything right now. Just sent out 2 emails and the time is running out on this email card. Later

1:56 pm  

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