Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Earlier Countdown to Infinite Crisis

After my final evaluation today feeling like a bit of an infinite crisis itself I thought that I would refrain from sulking and just show some pictures that only the geekiest of comic fans will enjoy:

Here we have Maxwell Lord (Black King of Checkmate apparently) smiling knowingly. The interesting part is that Oberon is pointing to Blue Beetle the way the guys from Boyz n tha Hood hold their guns. Is Oberon Checkmate's White King?
Also interesting is that neither Giffen nor Matteis worked on this issue...conspiracy? Well...probably not but it would be fun to think so.

Another interesting pre-Countdown Blue Beetle moment:

Or would he, Ted? Had this scene been filmed there may have been an ominous, foreshadowing musical "Du Du Daaaahhhh" after BB says that Max would never do that.

Ah well...I'm going to suck back a beer before I have to go to work. Who says I'm not responsible?

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