Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Comics Day! Finally...

It seemed like this week was going to last eons until Thursday swung around. A particularly boring day of classes was made that much brighter by today's purchases:

Young Avengers #3- That's it! I'm hooked.

The Younge Avengers have a dynamic released through their dialogue (a particula strength of Allan Heinberg for those who watch the OC) that is impossible to equal in today's popular comics. Bendis comes close in New Avengers but not that close.

The art is stellar as usual.

One trouble with the issue is the way the real Avengers treat them. Captain America is such and old biddy sometimes.

I'm in on this series until it takes a serious turn to the shitty...

Teen Titans #23- Again: freaking great! Teen Titans has consistently been my favourite title since I began picking it up a while ago. It's sharp with the perfect balance of great fight scenes, good dialogue, intrigue and comedy.

In this issue the combined effort of every Titan ever against a newly badass Dr. Light. The Doc's been wiping the floor with everybody he's come across in the past 2 issues and this is the conclusion. His mission: expose the Titans mentors for who they are and what they did to him.

Does it work? Read it monkey!

The OMAC Project #1- I dug it. I'm not fully convinced as of yet but I'll give it another try. I enjoy intrigue and spy stuff; I liked Countdown; I love Checkmate; I love Batman's paranoia; I love Jesus Saiz's art.

I do however have troubles with Greg Rucka on occasion. Rucka, like Loeb, is an accomplished writer in the medium but, also like Loeb, tends to fall flat on his face from time-to-time. This issue was well done. Not fantastically written but well done. And I'm enough of a post-Identity Crisis continuity fan to give it another go.

Depending on what happens over the next day or so I may have a little announcement as far as something I'm writing.


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