Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Comics Day (at last!)


Made it to another one. This week has seemed like a month and there is stil one more day of teaching high school before the weekend!

We hit Brussels for a few nights this weekend so it looks as though my diet will consist solely of Stella Artois and chips with mayo. Alright with me, I guess. As long as they put cheese on those chips.

Ah comics:

The Flash #221- Rogue War chapter 2 has finally picked up some steam and the series has been momentarily redeemed after that awful, awful Wonder Woman team-up a few months back. All in all not much really happens in this issue other than a big fight scene. It's like 12 pages of Rogue vs. Rogue fight scene until Flash comes and it becomes Flash and the good Rogues vs. Rogues for the rest of the issue. The Top is back but that's no surprise.

Flash's villains always seemed lightweight to me as I was a reader of Batman but Johns has added a demented side to their honour.

Good: Art is fantastic, Heatwave vs. Captain Cold resulting in a giant steam bath, I now know who the FBI agent James Jesse is and sort of get his connection to all of this (not a spoiler: if you read the flash to any regular degree chances are you would have otherwise known that) and the return of the Top (come on! he was gone for like 2 issues. that counts!)

Bad: Little direction with the Captain Boomerang storyline, too much fighty-fighty in this issue and the past few.

Legion of Super-heroes #5- Ugh! I feel cheated.

This series has been nothing more than a little bit of musing by Cosmic Boy and Brainiac accompanied with a big fight scene and a token example of youth alienation. It's got 1 issue left to redeem itself.

Captain America #5- A pleasant surprise.

After Cap getting his ass handed to him by Crossbones last issue what we have here is essentially a full issue flashback drawn by Michael Lark with Epting's 2 page bookends. Great stuff.

Lark's style fits the WWII era gritty pulp comics and Brubaker's explanation of the need for Bucky was chilling.

This issue has everything; Namor appears and walks around in the snow in his green bikini briefs for God's sake! It was nice to see the Invaders battle Red Skull and Master Man. I love Nazi super-villains. They are so easy to hate!

The cover is impressive as it essentially has Cap's shield covering half the logo. Bold but impressive.

One gripe with the issue is when Nick Fury is explaining the results of research leading to a Cold War mover and shaker he gives his last name but when Cap says his full name Fury replies: "Think so. Yeah." That's kind of weak. Did you read the report, Nick? Super Spy my ass!

I like the lacksadaisical pace of the book but sort of wish that I'd waited for the trade as it will read much better that way.

Day of Vengeance #1- Wait for comic of the week!

After being a little put off by the repulsively awful Walt Simonson cover I was relieved to find interior art by Justiniano. Great stuff. He reminds me a lot of Travis Charest. A lot.

The writing of Gail Simone is a treat going from schizophrenic monologue to interior monologue to cosmic battle to magical pub before introducing a talking monkey! What are you still doing reading this post. Go read this book...

I loved that the eighties and nineties DC geek in me was sated with this issue; Ragman, a new Eclipso, Spectre, Detective Chimp and Blue Devil all in one issue? Oh yeah! The rest of this miniseries promises to scrape the sides of DC's obscure character barrel and has so far done so wonderfully.

Quick things:

Just watched "Supersize Me" on TV (British TV rules!) and I have to say that I was a little repulsed. I'm no McDonalds freak. In fact I've only eaten it 3 times in the past year (twice due to time and location restraints and once because I was sent there).

It probably won't change the fact that I will eventually eat there again but it's pretty fucking sick!

Morgan Spurlock's girlfriend is an annoying vegan. I don't care what you eat but don't get superior and preachy about your eating habits any more than your religion. Both deserve a punch in the face.

I had some images to post and stuff but that'll wait 'til tomorrow.

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