Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Satan is real...

and he makes album covers for bad gospel acts apparently:

Forgive me, I'm feeling saucy today with very little of importance to talk about...

First things first:

There's a new Fantomas album coming out in a few weeks. Go check out the music sample here

In other Mike Patton news: he's done an album with the dj team the X-Ecutioners in the form of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners

If you're a Patton maniac like I this will be unmissable shit!

If you look at this and don't go "awwww" then we can't be friends...

This is most certainly the awesomest thing I've seen today!

I'd love to have my Pound Puppy as the Herald of Galactus: "Go forth Spot. Galactus hungers!"
Did I just mention that I own a Pound Puppy?

As you can probably tell I'm enjoying this multiple picture trick Dav showed me.

The Pulse has announced that Thomas Haden Church will be Spidey's new villain in the third film. Let the geek speculation begin! I say he is either Carnage (who they'll call Venom but he'll probably be Cletus Kassady) or I distinctly remember Raimi talking about making up a new character for the next film's villain...

I'm charged for more bullshitting but I have to iron my shirt for work tonight so I'll return later tonight perhaps.

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Blogger Admin said...

Wow the guys on the gospel cover are far scarier than Satan in the background. Why are they beckoning like that. It makes me want to punch them for being creepy.

6:58 pm  
Blogger Des said...

Scariest. Album. Cover. Ever.

8:57 am  

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