Sunday, March 13, 2005

More Random Stuff...

Had a pretty laid back day today...

I watched The OC (I know, I know...but I'm hooked!) and it was probably the best episode I've seen yet. It was the one where there are excellently executed and hilarious quips delivered between Seth and his Dad, Seth and Ryan and Seth and every other character in the show. But this time Seth gets drunk yet still maintains the razor-sharp wit. And, in a shocking and totally unpredictable turn of events, the show's plot culminates with traumas experienced at a party! I'm being a little facetious, I am hooked to the damn show yet I see through its formulaic structure.

Doing a little schoolwork ("little" being the operative word) but can hardly keep my dirty mits of the internet!

Had a lovely meal for breakfast and dinner both cooked by my lovely wife Megan.

Having lots of fun with these lines that Dav told me about, thanks Dav!

I also discovered a great blog today: Tom Peyer's Superfrankenstein. I discovered it through Millarworld which has thankfully returned from its limbo. Superfrankenstein has done many clever things over the past few posts: enlightened me to a website detailing the Babes of Fox News, how Laura Bush is a traitor and how pathetic Dan rather has gotten. Keep it up Tom, I'll be back!

Sunday Times Ecosse section (Scottish version) has an article on bloggers. They draw attention to a listing of Scottish blogs. If that link doesn't work search for Gordon McLean and Scottish blogs, you should be okay. I'm a Canadian in Scotland so I'm not sure if I count but I would be honoured to be featured Gordon. Funny quote: "Virtually none of it is of any use to a reader."

Thought I might leave you with a picture you don't often see: me outside a pub.

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It was taken in Edinburgh, I knew of its existence because of Dav (I'm not linking to your damn blog more than once a post you greedy bastard!) and thought it would be a great setting for a Hellblazer story: "Constantine at World's End"*

*copyright Des and his Bright Ideas. Try to use it. I dare you. Fat sweaty men will show up on your doorstep dressed as babies wielding pipe wrenches. Imagine the asscrack they'll show dressed in diapers as they fix your leaky faucet (if you know what I mean). *

*Get it? They're plumbers!

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